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Bruised to the Bone - Music Video Contest

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who took the time and gave this a try. We received almost 30 submissions which is more than I expected given the time commitment required and the difficulty of figuring things out.

In the words of one participant: "this challenge is pretty challenging".

The task was to identify Pittsburgh neighborhoods and landmarks featured in the music video for the Silverkeim song Bruised to the Bone.

If you did not get a chance to participate in the contest but still want to give it a try before looking at the solution, you can watch the official music video here:

Now, without further ado...

Let's answer the question on everyone's mind...

Who won this contest and how much did they get right?


Congratulations to Thomas S.!

Residing in Point Breeze, but not a native Pittsburgher, he still managed to beat the locals and win the grand prize (a pair of noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones from Cowin).

His submission scored the highest among all participants with a score of 78.7%.

Of the 17 neighborhoods depicted in the video, he correctly identified 14 (not getting any wrong).

Of the 30 landmarks shown in the video, he correctly identified 26, and only got 3 wrong.


To find out which neighborhoods and landmarks YOU recognized, watch the annotated music video below, which will tell you everything you might have asked yourself while watching it the first time around:

Thanks again for participating, and thank you so much for listening!