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“The Company You Keep in the Empty Moments”

by Silverkeim out January 17, 2019

Press Release - Dec 10, 2018


Pittsburgh, PA – Dec 10, 2018 – Silverkeim, the alternative post-rock music project created by Pittsburgh-based artist Juergen Fritsch, is releasing its highly anticipated debut album titled “The Company You Keep in the Empty Moments” on January 17, 2019. To help support the local community, all proceeds from physical album sales will be donated to Rainbow Kitchen Community Services, a Pittsburgh-based food bank.


Juergen Fritsch is a German-born producer and multi-instrumentalist whose music has been described as captivating cinematic rock with a melancholic vibe. After spending his formative years playing in a variety of German rock bands, Fritsch went on an extended detour: he relocated to the U.S., became an artificial intelligence researcher, then co-founded and helped grow M*Modal, a leading speech understanding technology company, before focusing again on his life-long passion for making music. While studying music production at Berklee College of Music, he started experimenting with darker, more atmospheric sonic textures and became interested in developing these initial ideas into a coherent sound and a unique musical identity as a solo artist. Since then, Fritsch has been creating intricate, emotive soundscapes in the form of narrative-styled instrumentals with yearning, soulful melodies.

Can you be alone with yourself? And do you like the company you keep in the empty moments? These are the kinds of questions explored sonically on Silverkeim’s emotive debut. Inspired by poetry about the big, soul-stirring questions of life -- identity, purpose, meaning, connection -- the album provides a galvanizing soundtrack to reflect on these topics. Self produced, self recorded and released independently, the album also features Fritsch playing all instruments on the eight tracks comprising “The Company You Keep in the Empty Moments”, which the artist describes as an instrumental concept album that transcends the trends of the day, pulling the listener into a world of raw and authentic emotions.

Silverkeim's densely layered, guitar-oriented sound draws from a broad set of musical influences, ranging from alternative rock and post-rock to psychedelic, electronic, and even minimalist classical music. Imagine Mogwai, The Doors, Pearl Jam, Moby and Portishead all joining forces to make instrumental music after a long night out together.

Album release date: January 17, 2019.

Release format: digital, CD and vinyl.

For more information, promo requests, or to arrange an interview, contact Silverkeim.

Official website:                                                                                  

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