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About Silverkeim

Silverkeim (SIL-vr-kime) is an instrumental music project created by Juergen Fritsch, a German-born, Pittsburgh-based artist whose music has been described as captivating cinematic rock with a melancholic vibe.

After spending his formative years playing in a variety of German rock bands, the musician & producer went on an adventurous journey, relocated to the U.S., became an artificial intelligence researcher, then co-founded and helped grow a leading speech understanding technology company, before focusing again on his life-long passion for making music.

While studying music production at Berklee College of Music, he started experimenting with darker, more atmospheric sonic textures and became interested in developing these initial ideas into a coherent sound and a unique musical identity as a solo artist. Since then, Juergen has been creating intricate, emotive soundscapes in the form of narrative-styled instrumentals with yearning, soulful melodies. 

Silverkeim's intricately layered, guitar-oriented sound is drawing from a broad set of musical influences, ranging from alternative rock and post-rock to psychedelic, electronic, and minimalist classical music.

Imagine Mogwai, The Doors and Portishead all joining forces to make instrumental music after a long night out together.

Press Coverage, Reviews & Interviews

"... Deft use of harmonized guitar solos, surprising time signature changes, and chunky distorted rhythm guitar and synthesizers help carry the weight of the effervescent melodies found throughout the album and define the cinematic qualities of Silverkeim’s sound..."

                                                                                        Full review by Josh Oswald of Pittsburgh City Paper

"The Company You Keep In The Empty Moments is sometimes soulful, sometimes cinematic, and sometimes gloomy. Yet, the entirety of the album is so artfully blended together that it’s hard to tell where one track ends and another begins."

                                                                      Full review & interview by Jordan Snowden of Pittsburgh City Paper

"Taking influence from the massive hooks and beats of The Crystal Method, and balancing that with the sensitivity and passion of Amusement Parks on Fire, this is awesome."

                                                                                                         Full review by Dom Smith of Soundsphere Magazine



The Company You Keep in the Empty Moments

Full length debut album

Released Jan 17, 2019

Official album press release

Release Formats: Streaming, digital, vinyl, CD.

Release Platforms: Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, YouTube Music, Google Play, Amazon, Pandora, TIDAL, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, CDBaby, and more.

Can you be alone with yourself? And do you like the company you keep in the empty moments?


These are the kinds of questions explored sonically on Silverkeim's captivating debut. Inspired by Oriah's poem "The Invitation" about the big, soul-stirring themes in life - identity, meaning, values, connection, trust, betrayal - the album provides a galvanizing soundtrack to reflect on these topics while spending time with yourself.

Written, performed and produced by Juergen Fritsch.

Recorded at Galama Studios Pittsburgh from 02/2016-11/2018.

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Promo Photos

Juergen Fritsch aka Silverkeim (promo shot)


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